Added a whole bunch more hydrangea blossoms and filled in the gaps with daisies, and I like it so much more! After removing hot glue strands I added the tulle overlay and I’m quite pleased with it.

Still work left to be done - a waistband, zipper, and seam binding on the bodice. But the tough stuff is over! 

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Flowery Bodice in progress, will eventually be paired with this skirt.

The bodice is completely sheer - the only modesty comes from the flowers.

It’s made from a layer of silk organza, poly chiffon, and two layers of tulle. The seams were folded and sewn to create boning channels, which hold 1/4” plastic bones.

Very pleased with this and how quickly it’s come together! Hopefully the skirt will turn out as nicely. 

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Winchester Mystery House - San Jose, California

The Winchester Mystery House is the work of Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester Rifle Fortune. In the late 19th century, deeply saddened by the deaths of her husband and daughter, she visited a Boston medium who revealed to her that she was haunted by the spirits of all the Winchester rifle victims. The medium told her she must build a house and never cease building it, otherwise the spirits that killed her family would come after her, too. Round-the-clock construction of the mansion never ceased for 38 years - not even on weekends or holidays.

Approximately 25,000 gallons of paint were used to paint the 24,000 square foot mansion. It features 160 rooms, including 

  • 10,000 windows
  • 2,000 doors
  • 52 skylights
  • 47 fireplaces
  • 40 bedrooms
  • 40 staircases
  • 13 bathrooms
  • 6 kitchens
  • 3 elevators
  • 2 basements
  • 1 shower

Sarah Winchester was captivated by the number “13”. Her will had 13 parts and was signed 13 times. The 13th bathroom in the house has 13 windows and 13 stairs leading to it. Several windows have 13 panes and rooms have 13 ceiling panels. Several installations, mostly windows, feature a spiderweb pattern and some believe the pattern had a special meaning for her.


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Gothic-Inspired Kitchens

To me they look a bit creepy, but at the same time beautiful.

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